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Our history...

Cornell Arms was completed in November of 1949. At two hundred  ten feet, it has the distinction of being South Carolina's tallest building. Furthermore, it was the tallest residential structure from Washington D.C. to Miami. Cornell Arms was constructed under the Federal Housing Association (FHA) and sponsored by Mr. Cornell G. Fuller of Barnwell, South Carolina.  The building was framed with steel, facing of brick with concrete trim, floors of concrete, door and window frames of steel, and was advertised as "absolutely fireproof". Judge H.E. Baily, the Federal Housing Administration Director, stated, "It is estimated by scientists that barring atomic bombs and other man-made of natural cataclysms, the Cornell Arms will stand for seven thousand (7000) years." It is interesting to note that the very first television set in Columbia was used on the roof of Cornell Arms.  The height of the building permitted distant reception. WCOS, a Rock and Roll station that was located in the Cornell Arms, had a parade of starts through the building; Gene Autry, Johnny Tillison, Dick Clark, Bobby Rydell, John Davison and Goose Creek Symphony to name but a few. At one time, students from the University of South Carolina picketed Cornell Arms when WCOS changed its format from progressive rock to country music.

Cornell Today...

The eighteenth story structure is home for 136 families who live in efficiency, one and two bedroom apartments.  Residents include University Professors, business professionals, distinguished retirees, state employees, college and post graduates, and families with children.

Cornell Arms is located across the street from the University of South Carolina and the State Capitol Building Complex.

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